Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jonezing for a BAG!

Styleaholics-this is a blog for those who have a MEAN bag fetish. If you are agreeing with me, you should be shaking your head proudly saying “Yes, that’s me!” Big bags are the “IT” accessory to have this year. Just to inform you, there are different types of what you call a Big Bag. There’s a small big bag you can fit all your daily items in, There’s the medium big bag where you can put almost everything you need for the day in it and still have space left, and last but not least there’s the Big, oversized bag. You know the one that goes down to your hips! Color is no issue here because bright ones take the stage. Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green are known favorites! My Pick: Vintage Tooled Leather Bag. The bag shown is a vintage classic! It’s huge! The strap alone is 15” and the bag itself is 3” deep. A bag worthy for the flower power girl in you. Available at www.vintagebag.com


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