Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Big Book of Breasts

Simply amazed by the female body? If not, YOU SHOULD BE!! THE FEMALE BODY ROCKS!!! Being a female myself, living in this body definitely has its perks. Since puberty made its dramatic presence into my life at a young age, girls at school would come to me and say “I wish I had your chest because all the boys look at you”, or I’ll say to myself “Damn, I’m a size small, now I have to get a medium sized shirt just because of my breasts!” Yea, I’ve definitely have had those awkward moments. Now, at the respectful age I am today, I can fully appreciate my body and say that I am proud of the bangin bod I have! Wouldn’t change a thing! Why bring this up, you ask? Well…. I came across a book- a 420 paged book I might add of models in the nude bearing all! The Big Book of Breasts by Dian Hanson consists of “…beautiful black and white and color photographs, dozens of iconic, infamous models and their generous and extraordinary breasts stand as a provocative testament to the power of the dangerous, natural curve.”


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