Monday, February 05, 2007

My Fashion Week Spring '07-

Oh boy! Where shall I start? Okay in less than 3 days I’ve witnessed chic freaks wearing chandeliers as headgear, a dude rockin a Marc Jacobs fur hat with a live bird, a VERY COLD AND DRY interview with Blondie’s Debbie Harry, all at the Mao Mag Party, a performance by Eve at the the Miss Sixty show afterparty, HAD MY HAIR FEATURED in NYLON Mag’s Fashion Week wrap ,rode an empty Greyhound bus for free from the financial district to the meat packing district with my favorite DailyCandy Editor—shout out to JG-had a 4am breakfast with the Egyptian Lover and oh yea received with a kiss stolen bottles of Vodka from an Australian hipster posing as a bartender..and the week’s just begun—oh God! Only during Fashion Week folks AND ONLY in the life and stylish times of a Styleaholic.


Blogger MICHELLE said...

hey girl, just wanted to correct a typo on your blog-it's FALL '07!!! it happens to the best of us! lol see you @ the tents!!-erase this comment after too!!!

6:25 AM  

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