Monday, January 08, 2007

Styleaholic Pick-Nicholas Beauty Products!

I decided to travel outside Manhattan and go to a place everyone must know by now: BROOKLYN! Yes, “BK THE HOME OFF BIGGIE AND JAY” is one of the most known boroughs thanks to Christopher Wallace a.ka. Biggie Smalls and Jigga a.k.a. H.O.V.A or Jay Z. Whether it’s the best borough….hmmm lets save that one shall we? Another blog; another time. So, I went to Brooklyn and passed by NICHOLAS, a store full of your best African American interests. They offer a plethora of items. From Beauty products, influential books, clothing (mostly rasta), to incense. Being the beauty freak that I am, I headed straight over to the beauty products. I was full of joy. Made with all natural ingredients, Nicholas offers Nubian body scrubs, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, hair crème, soaps, facial scrubs, etc I can go on and on and on! There are also various scents ranging from Shea Butter to Lavender. Go ahead Styleaholic: INDULDGE! Check out their website at PS: Styleaholics, this was written by Bronx Native Styleaholic Charise Holman:) 'Cause yall know I rep BK to the fullest.


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