Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Styleaholic Pick--Mirai Wellness Nail Spa

Now Ladies and Gents- I truly bumped into this place by accident. I didn’t mean to even walk in here, but it was there. Has that ever happened to you? You have plans to visit a certain place and you keep getting distracted by other stores and end up not even going to the place you desired? Damn, I hate it when that happens! But oh well, like I always say things happen for a reason. Now, I’m not too sure of the reason why I walked into this store-as I said in the beginng of this blog- I just did. So what is this place you ask? It’s a SPA OF COURSE! Come on! I was attracted to the water softly cascading down the fountain. Instantly my soul felt at peace and I knew I had to write and tell you guys about it. I asked the owner what services they offer and she asked me “What was I looking forward to getting?” I then looked at my hands and said to myself “OH MY GOODNESS THE ATROCITY!!!!!” I told her “A manicure”. My eyes began to wander before I left the store and I noticed a celebrity, a cute one I might add! I’ll give you a hint: It’s a male. *laughs* He was taking care of his body and I can definitely appreciate that. If you’re in Brooklyn, please check out Mirai Wellness Nail Spa. (718) 875-0369


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